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When you are ready to purchase the most recent release of your graphic design or desktop publishing application to get the latest and greatest tools, make sure you know what you're paying for. We've taken a look at some of the most popular titles and provided a list of reviews from around the Web. Before you head off to the computer store, find out if the upgrade is worth the price or whether you might want to wait until the next version.

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    Adobe Illustrator CS5 offers something inspiring for just about all users, from artists and technical illustrators to Web and Flash designers. New features like variable width strokes, Bristle Brush, Perspective Grid, anti-aliasing text for the Web, Flash Catalyst integration, and better performance make Illustrator CS5 a compelling upgrade.

    But it’s far from perfect. The Perspective Grid feature didn't behave as I would have expected, text anti-aliasing doesn’t work without a second, secret option, and many requested features were ignored

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